About Me

I am Suzanne Reist, creator of Suzanne’s Kiln Works.  I am  a ceramic and glass artist living in central New Jersey.

I started working with clay in the early 1990’s when I took a pottery class in college. I was inspired by my professor’s enthusiasm and talent, and by the simple accomplishment of learning to throw the clay on the wheel myself. This  sculpture of a girl holding a book was one of the first pieces I ever made with stoneware. It was Raku fired, giving it the shimmer it has on the earthy green glaze, and it has been one of my favorite pieces ever since.


Now, I have a kiln and wheel of my own – great finds on Craig’s List – and I am making necklaces, miniatures and slumped glass wine bottle cheese plates in addition to thrown pieces.

Lately, I have been enjoying melting glass to embellish pendants made of stoneware and glazed with high-fire glazes to cone 6. The glass crackles and gives each piece a unique, interesting and attractive expression. These pendants are especially fun to sell at art shows, and I love when people send me pictures of the necklaces they make  with my pendants.

Thanks for checking out my site!